My life was so busy that I didn’t have time for God

After Barb’s DARE program, I have noticed that He gets more time and I’m in a healthier place.

Life is insane without God but with God, it’s worth living

Let’s get real, my life before I Met Barb and Christ was messy, hard and mentally defeating.

Daily anxiety attacks, yes my life was pretty messed up

Barb change my life forever. When she prayed with me, I felt the peace and the Joy of Jesus.

Thanks Barb!

Barb taught me about prophecy and prayer through 1 Corinthians 14. Since studying and applying these passages, my walk with the Lord has enlarged.

Meet Barb

Even though I overcame a seventeen-year eating disorder and a failed marriage, life was still a struggle. I lived with fear, anger, and a lot of guilt. I was a pro at verbally beating myself up on a daily basis.

Even with all these struggles I thought I had arrived, that I was a Christian. But little did I realize that the faith I was living was a faith of convenience, security and a ticket to heaven. This was until I started spending real time with JESUS. To hear HIS voice and learn so much from the Holy Spirit has been incredible.

Unforgiveness, pride, anger, the “poor me” attitude, and the “you owe me” mode have been replaced by forgiveness, love, joy, and peace.

DARE to believe BIG has changed my life and is ongoing. Each day I long to hear HIS voice, see HIS wonders and miracles, and to step into the incredible plan HE has for me. Life is now an exciting opportunity and I live each day with a high expectation of what GOD will do next.